Adam Warwicker

Adam Warwicker is a licensed coach with BWL British Weight Lifting Level 2 qualification. He is also an accredited coach with UKSCA for strength and conditioning.

He regularly competes in weightlifting events, including the British Senior Championships, and came 2nd in the CIMAC Kung Fu competition.

He is also the founder of Strong Youth, a Strength and Conditioning programme for young people.

Adam is a big believer in Strength and Conditioning training for everyone. “It’s one of the best thing the general public can do to stay strong, healthy and live longer. It increases your bone density, protects your joints from injury and, because of its impact on age hormones, can even make you look younger.”

His personal aim is to get people training at a very high standard so they can be fit, healthy and competitive in the sport. Additionally, he intends to start studying Posturology next year and incorporate individual’s movement patterns into their training.