Mike Bennett

Qualifications & Experience:

Mike is a British Weightlifting B.W.L. qualified Coach, with competition experience lifting in British Masters Weightlifting events. He worked alongside Dave Kaye for five years helping run the Wood Green Weightlifting Club, until the facilities there were dissolved.

An Athletics U.K.A.Throws Coach, a competitive Javelin thrower for over 30 years having been a British Masters Champion more than once.

A Secondary School Teacher by profession with experience teaching boys and girls.

Mike’s Comment:

Mike says  “the training required for Olympic style lifting is the finest conditioning for explosive strength that most certainly provides the best foundation for athletic performance as well as being a great sport in its own right”.

Mike’s Coaching Philosophy:

“I take an educative view that athletes should understand the principles and reasons for the technical movement patterns that are taught by the coach. A coach should always be able to justify the methodology of the exercise regime and the criteria for the training program being applied.”