Code of Conduct for Members

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Sept 2020

Club coaches are to be respected as the managers for organisation and behaviour.

Coaches and members have a duty of care to see that safe practice is being maintained at all times inside our dedicated training area or ‘Strong Box’.

Coaches will allocate the use of platforms to athletes. Note: athletes being coached on club courses will be given priority usage over those seeking casual sessions.

After usage, all equipment should be placed back in the appropriate racks and all platforms should be left empty, clean and clear.

All equipment should be respected and not abused in any way, this includes the throwing down of a weighted bar at the completion of a lift.

Food consumption inside the Strong Box area is not acceptable.

All bags should be placed inside the shelf racking and not left lying on the floor.

The audible playing music and personal sound systems is not wanted.

Appropriate sports clothing is to be worn whilst training in the Strong Box area, always to include a top covering the upper body, preferably a Club branded T-shirt.
Trainer shoes or especially weightlifting shoes should be worn, no bare feet or just socks. (please confer with club coaches, if in doubt)

Exercises that are not regular to the sport of ‘Weightlifting’ are not covered by insurance inside the Strong Box (eg. Rope climbing, gymnastic rings) and are not recommended therefore are considered to be activated at the member’s own risk.

Offensive, Discriminatory or Abusive language (swearing, and shouting) will not be acceptable.

Bullying or Intimidation by way of verbal, physical or written means is not acceptable (this includes the use of social media).

The use of performance-enhancing drugs is not accepted, our club policy is the same as our governing body: BWL. please refer to:

Under 18 years of age members, please also refer to the ‘Parental Code of Conduct’.

Any other issues will be considered by the acting Club Coach, and their word will
be accepted as mandatory.

Mike Bennett
Club Treasurer