Current Club Competitions

Club Benchmark Competition May 2017

This was the first BM comps for 2017 and resulted an a mass of Personal Bests for a number of our novice senior lifters and youths. We were also pleased to have competitors from Sir George Monoux College (U20 Ammar W and Andrew E) who have been training and coached by Adam Warwicker as part of our joint Satellite Club operation.
Andrew showed competence with 6 out of 6 good lifts to total 148Kgs
and a lighter bodyweight Ammar achieved 120Kgs.
U15 James D progressed to a 116Kg total as a result of consistent training and dedication.
New senior members Laura R and Anna P both demonstrated composure, proficiency, and competitive spirit.
U13 Josh F improved his total to 61Kgs as he gears his training towards the weight demands of up and coming U15 competitions.
Thanks to our helpers and supporters on the day, especially Chris Parr.

Club Bench-Mark Competition – December 2016

This was an opportunity for our 4 new recruits to show their metal as novice lifters, and gain valuable competition experience. They were Lily, Liam, Rikin and Wojciech who all demonstrated their potential with a se of successful lifts and totals.

Special mention goes to Wojciech who managed 6 out of 6 good lifts to total 132 Kgs. Other notable performances were: James D improving his Snatch PB to 45Kg, a 65Kg PB Snatch for Kyran (U17) and an outstanding, masterly performance from Gary H to total 195 Kgs

The Southern Schools Championships November 2016

Our aspiring youngsters continued to glorify themselves at this year's Southern Schools Championships held in Oxford, by taking 3 gold place medals and 1 silver.

Owen M (U15) hit new Personal Bests in both lifts to total his first 3 figure total of 100 kilos, an outstanding achievement most worthy of the gold place trophy.

Owen's brother Kyran (U17) equalled his best Snatch of 63 kilos to ensure top place on the winner's rostrum.

James D (U15) progressed both his lifts with new P.Bs to a new best total of 101 kilos taking the silver place trophy.

Josh F (U13) demonstrated his mature lifting skills to take the U1 boys winner's trophy.

Inspired by Coach Adam's guidance, James, Owen and Kyran have now established qualifying totals for next year's Youth National Championships, a fine reward for 2 years of demanding and consistent training.

9th Benchmark Competition

On Saturday 15th October we held our 9th Benchmark Competition for Club only members on the Lee Valley AC North Bank.

It was highly rewarding to see 6 members achieve Personal Best Totals: Our youngest entrant Josh (U13yrs) nailed 6 out of 6 lifts to total 57Kg. James (U15) also achieved 6 good lifts to total 99Kg demonstrating that dedicated training brings its reward.

Owen (U15) almost equalled James with a PB total of 97Kg, but at a much lower bodyweight he was most impressive.

Owen’s brother Kyran (U17) put in a clean sheet of lifts with PB total of 138Kg, a progressive performance that promises significant qualification for the regional Junior Championships.

Novice lifters Liam and Paul both (U23) acquitted themselves really well in their first real competition with totals of 142 & 150Kg respectively.

We had a good compliment of spectators that helped to make the competition more eventful. Thanks to all who helped out with the practical jobs. The next Benchmark Competition will be held on Saturday 3rd December 2016. All members are urged to test out their form.

Benchmark Competition: Saturday 15th October 2016

Our next Benchmark Competition will be held on Saturday 15th October 2016 on the North Bank at Lee Valley A.C.  All members in training are encouraged to test their progress, including new members. 

There are some places available for non members by invitation, please contact Mike or Adam for a form.

As usual, no pre entry, but pay on the day with member discount. Club Performance Certificates will be awarded.

Mixed groupings to be decided on the day against a rising bar.

Weigh-in from 9.30 onwards.

For non competing members and supporters your help on the day willbe much appreciated.

8th Benchmark Competition

Although the 8th Benchmark Competition, was a low turnout, it did not hinder some exceptional performances, inside the Strong-Box.
Josh and James both hoisted Personal bests in the Clean & Jerk, 25 and 52Kg respectively.

New member and novice Radomira did well in her first competition to match Helen’s total of 81Kgs. Vincent displayed his usual strength with a 195Kg total showing no ill effects from a layoff, and Adam used to occasion to try out some Split Snatches and deep Split Cleans which looked very promising.

Although the Split techniques are no longer employed by international lifters, they do offer a viable alternative to those with flexibility and back issues, as well as a great conditioner to athletes who may compete at other sports.

February 2016 – Cybex British Age Group Championships

Saturday 27th of February 2016 was the day of the Cybex British Age Group Championships held at the Phoenix Theatre in Castleford, North Yorkshire.

An amazing day it was! NLWLC took 5 young, aspiring lifters along to compete. By the end of an exhaustive day NLWLC took home 3 Championship Title Holders (Gold Medallists) and 2 runner’s up (Silver Medallists).

The results:
Joshua (Gold/British Champion title holder) - Year 7 - 62kg Class - Best Snatch 21kg, Best Clean & Jerk 24kg - with a total of 110kg lifted between all lifts - plus a total of 52 points for technique giving a total score of 162.

James (Gold/British Champion title holder) - Year 8 - 69kg Class - Best Snatch 34kg - Best Clean & Jerk 43kg - with a total of 217kg lifted between all lifts - plus a total of 60 points for technique giving a total score of 277. James achieved 6 out of 6 lifts and received a perfect score of 8 points on his final Clean & Jerk, raising the crowd to their feet in celebration!

Izem (Gold/British Champion title holder) - U13 - 63kg Class - Best Snatch 27kg - Best Clean & Jerk 30kg - with a total of 105kg lifted between all lifts - plus a total of 44 points for technique giving a total score of 149. Izem made 3 out of 3 Snatch, lifting 23kg, 25kg, then 27kg, but experienced technical issues during the Jerk phase of the Clean & Jerk only making 1 out of 3 lifts. Still gaining valuable points on good Clean technique still managed to take home the gold!

Owen (Silver Medal) - U13 - 56kg Class (weighed in at 51.80) - Best Snatch 33kg - Best Clean & Jerk 45kg - Total 78kg - Sinclair 129.681. Owen lifted consecutively on all 3 snatches, this can be very fatiguing as you only have a 2 minute rest between lifts, Owen still managed his first two lifts and got 35kg over his head on his final attempt of the Snatch but dropped it on his way out. Owen also managed a very easy 47kg and 50kg Clean and what looked like a very good Jerk but the judges gave him 2 out of 3 red lights most likely due to impingement (slight bend) of the elbow during the Jerk.

Kyran (Silver Medal) - U15 - 69kg Class - Best Snatch 55kg - Best Clean & Jerk 66kg - Total 121kg - Sinclair 174.197. Kyran unfortunately weighed in 0.4kg overweight for the 62kg class, which was his elected class that would have guaranteed him a gold medal. Instead Kyran lifted with those 6kg heavier than himself but still fought well to take home a silver medal. Kyran eased a 55kg Snatch and feeling the pressure of the C&J, Power Cleaned 66kg before a Split Jerk. Kyran's final attempt was 70kg easing the Clean again but he just buckled under the weight of the 70kg Jerk.

I would like to give a special thanks to the parents and supporters of the Club, this couldn't have been done without you! You gave these extremely gifted kids sensational support during their journey to this National Level Competition. As NLWLC Head Coach I give my full support and resources to developing these athletes and it makes me very proud to have been given this opportunity!

Adam Warwicker


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January 2016 – London & South East – Junior & Youth Competition at Crystal Palace Report

The Club entered 4 of our aspiring Youth lifters.

Izem undaunted, found herself included in a group of older and more advanced lifters, however she rose to the occasion with Personal Bests
in both lifts, with a Snatch of 27kgs and a Clean & Jerk of 35Kgs, she deserved the resounding applause.

James hoisted a new PB with a Snatch of 33kgs.

Owen heaved a new PB in the Clean & Jerk of 47Kgs and earned himself a second place medal. Kyran posted a tremendous 50Kg Snatch to help total a PB of 115Kg, and also was awarded a second place medal. These splendid results have been the product of dedicated training and commitment, well done. Thanks to the parents for their support.