Course Aims

This course represents an intensive set of coached training sessions specifically aimed at improving technical ability to perform and compete with the Snatch, and Clean & Jerk Olympic lifts.
It is presumed that the participants will have fairly good levels of muscular fitness and have a basic familiarity with these lifts.
The Course will be delivered by a qualified BWL (British Weightlifting Coach) who has experience of weightlifting in competition. This course is very suitable for improving Cross Fit Athletics.

Course Content

The Course methodology will employ the ‘top down’ approach wherby partial or incremental movements are practised until they can be correctly sequenced in the optimum kinetic chain of a complete lifting pattern.
There will be a series of technical exercises that focus on good form and speed of execution, combined with a series of lifting assistance exercises that will focus upon
the efficient application of body power.

Technical Exercises:

Snatch/Clean Pulls from floor / high pull variations
Snatch/Clean Pulls from various hang positions / blocks
Snatch/Clean Balance drops various, into squat receiving position
Jerk Balance – various Spilt / Power

Power Exercises:

Power Snatch
Power Clean
Snatch Deadlift & Shrug
Power Deadlift & Shrug
Quarter & Heave Jerks
Overhead Squats.

Video analysis with ‘Coaches Eye’ software on iPad.

Course Sessions

Athletes will be either coached on a one-to-one basis or be part of a maximum group size of three athletes.
One hour in duration
8 sessions in total
Recommended basis of 2 sessions per week
Mutually agreable times to be arranged with NLWLC Head Coach


£45 pay per session
£240 Block booking of 8 sessions
Payment by BACS, cheques to NLWLC or cash.