Strong Youth Courses

Consists of a set of progressive courses suitable for age ranges of 8 to 13 years, and/or novice 14 to 18 years. There are 3 levels of course available, all with certification upon successful completion.

The weightlifting equipment used will be mostly free weights - bars & discs etc.

The courses are available on a termly basis, either once or twice per week* to individuals, schools and sports clubs.

Level 1

This initial course teaches the techniques of functional, whole body movement patterns that will allow youngsters to progress safely towards light weight resistance.

Coaching will focus upon improving aspects of coordination, mobility, self awareness, posture, imbalances and weaknesses.

Youngsters will be introduced to and experience the practices of a varied and enjoyable athletic training approach that will encourage self-discipline, effort and positive attitude. These application and character factors will be reflected with grades on their certificates, alongside their athletic aptitude assessment.

Some competitive approaches may be included but will be assessed only upon the ability to demonstrate exercises with good technique without any demands of weight bearing resistance.

Level 2

This second phase course will reinforce the learned safe movement patterns and practices from the level1 course. The introduction of light weight resistance will promote a challenging set of exercises that will require effort and concentration.

The coaching aim will be for youngsters to develop their athletic skills by increasing speed of movement with the addition of minor-weight loading.

The competitive activity included will be assessed upon the ability to demonstrate exercises with good technique with the demands of minor weight bearing resistance.

Level 3

Building upon the good practices of Course Levels 1 & 2, this third course will focus upon the challenge of increased weight resistance to promote athletic development of power.

The coaching aims will be assessed upon the ability to demonstrate exercises with good technique combined with the demands and challenge of light/medium weight bearing resistance plus speed of movement.

The Competitive approach will focus upon the athletes ability to compete with the skilled Olympic style lifts (Snatch & Clean & Jerk) and related assistance exercises.

The Benefits:

Exercise and weight bearing resistance training are crucial for proper physical development of young people. Without resistance training they are vulnerable to injury, and growth deformities including poor posture. Inflexibilities and weak muscles and bones will adversely alter natural human mechanics and sports specific movements. These are all corrected through the NLWLC Strong-Youth Programme that has been designed by a Paediatric Strength & Conditioning Coach.

There will be a considerable carry-over of fitness for other sports and a reduced risk of injury. Scientific studies now reveal that those young people who train in the sport of Weightlifting suffer less injuries than most recognised sports.

‘The young athlete will be screened to spot weaknesses and incorrect movement patterns. From there, we design a programme to give foundation strength and correct the individual deficiencies… then we can develop the kids to be faster, stronger, healthier, and more athletic.’ – NLWLC Head Coach- Adam Warwicker.

* Please check with the NLWLC Coaching Coordinator.


t: 07792 428293

3 Courses L1, L2, L3.

Half a term duration (once or twice per week).

8 Sessions of 90mins

L1, L2 & L3 - Non Members - £120

L3 - Members - £96

Basic conditioning – may precede the Strong Youth graded lifting course L1, L2, L3 if necessary.

8 sessions of 90mins (2 per week – 4 weeks)

Open to Non Members Only  - £120