Dear Members

Our concerns for your Strength Development progressing to reach your full potential with our tough training courses have led us to help you with guidance on your nutritional aspects of training.

There is no doubt that Weightlifting creates extra demands on your body to adapt, and that on top of a balanced diet you will need extra calories and good quality protein to absorb and respond to the rigours of the training exercises.

A balanced diet should consist of the right balance of Protein (Dairy, Meat, Fish, Soya) with Carbohydrates (Bread, Pasta, Rice) alongside plenty of Fruit and Vegtables. Junk food, processed food, addatives and sugar is out, and fresh organic food is in. The old saying that it is beneficial to ‘Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Lord, and dine like a Pauper’ still holds true as good advice. However our modern, busy fast moving lifestyles do not lend themselves to prepare and digest food in this way. For athletes, there are additional demands, that can be nicely achieved through regular supplementation.

See Adam at the Strongbox to get high protein Shakes, Snack Bars, Vitamins and Food Supplements.

However, you must be aware that are sporting risks associated with taking supplements and your should read the ‘BWL Warning’ document here before you decide to consume any supplements. Our Club does not guarentee, endorse or take any liability for any supplement products, or any responsibility for any member who consumes those products.

British Weightlifting have published official guidelines in relation to the use of supplements, which can be viewed here.

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