Schools & Colleges

North London Weightlifting Club provides courses specifically for Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Colleges.

Our Facility at the Lee Valley Athletic centre provides suitable equipment for all ages inside a dedicated secure area called the ‘Strong Box’.

Qualified coaches provide courses that are designed specifically for the various age groupings.

If your School or College has suitable gym facilities, then we may be able to provide coaching on site. We also have equipment that can be hired.

We could be interested in developing a Satellite Club at your College if LondonSport Funding is available.

P.E. Weightlifting Course for Primary Schools
North London Weightlifting Club is currently providing a specially adapted ‘Strong Youth’ Courses for Primary School children aged 9-11 years, based in their dedicated training venue (Strong-Box) inside the prestigious Lee Valley Athletic Centre.

The Course teaches children how to safely lift weights using the Olympic Sport methodology.

The Course Approach
The first course teaches the techniques of functional, whole-body movement patterns that will allow youngsters to progress safely towards lightweight resistance.

Pupils will be introduced to and experience the practices of a varied and enjoyable athletic training approach that will encourage self-discipline, effort and positive attitude. Some competitive approaches may be included but will be assessed only upon the ability to demonstrate exercises with good technique without any excessive demands of weight-bearing resistance or overload.

Structure – Beginning with correct static positions, partial movements are practised slowly and progressed with sequence into compound holistic movements. Once whole-body movement patterns are accepted and repeatable, the aspects of speed are accommodated towards finally adding weighted resistance.

Course Benefits
Physical – Coaching will focus upon improving aspects of coordination, mobility, self-awareness, posture, agility, imbalances and weaknesses. The elements of training with weighted resistance and the application of force are proven to improve bone density and connective joint tissue, in growing youngsters. The Sport of Weightlifting itself has very low recorded aspects of injury and generates fitness that reduces injury rates when youngsters apply themselves to other sports and physical activity.

Psychological – Coaching feedback is immediate and expressed in positive terms of encouragement for performance and desirable behaviour. Self-achievement and self-confidence are gained rapidly with individual focus. ‘The desire to apply strength is as natural as the desire to run, jump and throw’

Assessment – NLWLC Certificates are rewarded, end of Course with rating for behaviour and technical performance. Extra individual reports can be provided upon request.

Case Study
The Waltham Forest Primary School – ‘Our Lady and St George’s’ has been bringing a group of boys and girls, weekly, during the 2014-15 terms, to participate in an hourly training course session at Lee Valley AC. The pupils have all received ‘Strong Youth’ Certificates and T shirts. They have made remarkably good progress with demanding skilled based exercises, enjoyed the intensive coaching, and have demonstrated self control levels beyond their years.

The school have budgeted the expenditure from their Premium PE funding. Currently, the Club has been asked to found a Satellite Club at the Sir George Monoux College where we are running courses at their gymnasium.

About the NLW Club
Set up in 2014 by former School Teacher and BWL/UKA Coach Mike Bennett and Adam Warwicker UKSCA Professional Coach, to provide dedicated facility for participation in Weightlifting as an Olympic Sport and as a fitness, conditioning and training methodology for physical development towards power based sports. The Club supports members form ages 8 to 80 years, and adheres to the Safeguarding and Equality policies with our affiliation to the governing body BWL - British Weightlifting

Special Equipment
We use free weights only, (bars & discs) which are specially designed to be lightweight for child usage. Plastic collars are fitted for safety.­­

Coaching & Safety
NLWLC Coaches are qualified by the UKSCA (UK Strength & Conditioning Association) and BWL. Licensed and insured. Have attended a Safeguarding and First Aid Course and are DBS checked.

The Weightlifting activity area ‘Strong-Box’ is enclosed by railings.

It is expected that a responsible member of School staff will attend the sessions and accompany children to the toilets if necessary.

NLWLC take no responsibility for transport of children, to and from the LV Centre.

Booking details
The Courses are available on a half termly basis. (5-7 weeks)Course Coaching sessions are one hour in duration. Pupil numbers up to 10 are suitable for group sessions.

NLWLC provide a quotation with session dates for raising of Purchase Orders. NLWLC invoices are provided against School P.O.s, VAT is applied.

Full payment is expected at the beginning of the course.